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The Globalization Committee liaises with international engineering organizations and the Federal government to provide information, policy advice and recommendations to Engineers Canada on international mobility, international registers and trade in services policies and negotiations that potentially impact the mobility of engineers.

For background on the establishment of this Committee, consult this White Paper on Professional Engineers and Society

Committee Charges, 2016-2018

  1. Determine the nature and significance of offshore engineering services as it relates to Canadian engineering projects, in Canada and abroad.
  2. Promote International Mobility Registers such as APEC to facilitate recognition of engineering qualifications for registered engineers in the Authorized Member countries,
  3. Inventory tools and processes that could support international standards of engineering behavior relevant to International Mobility Registers (e.g. anti-corruption activities).
  4. Develop a short coherent statement of Canadian engineering interests for Canadian trade in services government negotiators
  5. Provide input on trade in professional service provisions on individual trade agreements as they may impact engineering on an as needed basis.
  6. Develop a national position statement on the globalization of engineering services

Committee Members

John Boyd

Jeanette M. Southwood

Gillian Pichler

Daniela Princip

David Lapp

Catherine Karakatsanis

Rick Prentice

Darren Smith

Stephanie Price
Executive Vice President

Mathew Kattapuram

Vincent Sacchetti


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