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Board Policy Manual

NOTE: The Engineers Canada Board is currently undergoing a change in governance. The policies and definitions listed on this page are under modification, and new versions are expected by May 2018.

Board Policy Manual 
(Full PDF 86 pages)



In June 2017, the Engineers Canada Board developed interim strategic direction for the organization for the period July 2017 to December 2018. That direction supersedes the Ends established under the previous governance model, which are listed below for visibility only.


E Engineers Canada’s Purpose

E-1 Regulatory Excellence
E-2 Confidence in the Profession
E-3 Sustainability of the Profession
E-4 Protection of the Engineering Terms

Board-Management Delegation
BMD Global Board-Management Delegation
BMD-1 Unity of Control
BMD-2 Accountability of the Chief Executive Officer
BMD-3 Delegation to the Chief Executive Officer
BMD-4 Monitoring Chief Executive Officer Performance
BMD-5 Chief Executive Officer Compensation and Expenses

Executive Limitations
EL General Executive Constraint
EL-1 Treatment of Staff and Volunteers
EL-2 Treatment of Constituent Associations
EL-3 Financial Condition
EL-4 Asset Protection
EL-5 Planning
EL-6 Compensation and Benefits
EL-7 Communication and Support to the Board
EL-8 Position Statements
EL-9 Accreditation and Qualifications Board 
EL-10 Image Protection

Governance Process

GP Global Governance Process
GP-1 Governing Style
GP-2 Board Job Contributions
GP-3 Code of Conduct
GP-3.0.1 Confidentiality
GP-3.0.2 Director Consent and Declaration
GP-3.1 Director Terms of Reference
GP-3.2 Advisor Terms of Reference
GP-3.3 Board Representatives Terms of Reference

GP-4 Investment in Governance
GP-5 President’s Role
GP-6 Board Planning Cycle and Agenda Control
GP-7 Special Rules of Order
GP-7.1 Process for In Camera Sessions
GP-8 Board Committee and Task Force Principles
GP-9 Board Committee and Task Force Structure
GP-9.1 Executive Committee Terms of Reference
GP-9.1.1 Executive Committee Nomination and Election Process
GP-9.2 Audit Committee Terms of Reference
GP-9.3 Governance Committee Terms of Reference
GP-9.4 Compensation Committee Terms of Reference
GP-9.5 Accreditation Board Terms of Reference
GP-9.6 Qualifications Board Terms of Reference
GP-10 Board, Committee and Other Volunteer Expenses
GP-11 Board Linkage with Ownership
GP-11.1 Linkages Committee Terms of Reference
GP-12 Board Linkage with Other Organizations
GP-13 Governance Succession Planning
GP-14 Reserve Funds

For more information

For more information contact Heather Anderson, Interim Governance Administrator at