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Consultation on Engineering Education and Accreditation

In 2016, Engineers Canada conducted two key consultation activities. The first consultation was to consider proposed criteria changes. The second consultation took place at the Forum on Accreditation to better understand what stakeholders require from the accreditation system. 

“What do we need to do, together, to ensure that accreditation is done in a manner that brings greatest benefit to the profession?”

August 2016: Forum on Accreditation

Engineers Canada engaged key stakeholders of the accreditation system in a two-day collaborative transformation Forum to consider a shared vision for the future of accreditation in Canada and to discuss how that vision could be realized.

The Forum was held in Toronto, ON on August 17 and 18, 2016. Approximately 115 participants attended the Forum, representing a diverse cross-section including representatives from regulators, universities, industry (employers), engineering students, the Accreditation Board and the Engineers Canada Board.

The Forum was well received by participants and provided great recommendations and areas of focus to create a shared vision for the future of accreditation along with ideas on how best to implement this shared vision.

Please see the 2016 Forum on Accreditation Report and the Book of Proceedings.

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January 2016 – September 2016: Consultation on proposed criteria changes

A consultation on proposed changes to accreditation criteria for the 2017-18 cycle took place in early 2016 to inform the recommendations that the Accreditation Board would make to the Engineers Canada Board at the September 2016 Board meeting.

The consultation on proposed criteria changes was conducted by Georges Lozano, MPA, CAE. Please see the Consultant’s Report on Proposed Criteria Changes.

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