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2017 Engineers Canada Awards Recipients

Celebrating innovating: 150 years of Canadian engineering

Canada 150 logoCanada is a wide and varied land. From Nunavut to Nova Scotia, the nation sprawls across vast distances, offering diverse terrain and dispersed population.

That diversity is reflected in the pages of Canada's history books. And while each chapter tells of different challenges to overcome—from the logistical difficulties of canal-based trade in the early 1800s, to the complexities of efficient grain transportation in the 20th century—there's a consistency to the narrative: innovative engineering is always present. It's part of our history, and it is pivotal for our future.

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2017 Engineers Canada Awards Recipients

Larry E. Seeley,  PhD, P.Eng.
Gold Medal Award

A world-renowned chemical engineer, executive, and research leader, Larry Seeley has been integral to the growth of Canada’s mining and metallurgical sector, and has fostered and promoted new businesses and technologies within the minerals and recycled metals industries worldwide. Larry has been inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, the Engineering Institute of Canada, and the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and has received several professional awards. Larry has continually maintained a keen interest in the engineering community and has served as a mentor for many young engineers. He has also actively served in various leadership roles, including president of both the Canadian Metallurgical Society and the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering. Through his commitment to research, pursuit of innovative technologies and strong entrepreneurial skills, Larry has directly contributed to the esteem in which Canadians and Canada are held around the world.

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Veronica Knott
Gold Medal Student Award

A remarkable, energetic, and focused student, Veronica has made significant contributions to the engineering profession through her leadership in inclusivity and diversity engagement at UBC and at engineering schools across Canada. Her involvement started as Chair of the National Conference of Women in Engineering in 2013. Next, as President of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), her work on the governance review and the founding of the Iron Pin ceremony for the EUS left a lasting legacy for engineering students that continues to inspire the community to this day. She is also a hardworking and knowledgeable member of the Alma Mater Society Council, and served as Chair of the Executive Oversight Committee and the Governance Review Committee. She has continued by serving as a member of the UBC Board of Governors for two years. Veronica Knott has set a high standard of service and engagement, always putting students first and never afraid to share a thoughtful perspective.

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G. Ross Peters, PhD, FCAE, FEC, P.Eng.
Meritorious Service Award for Professional Service

With over 30 years of service at Memorial University, Ross Peters has climbed the ranks to achieve several leadership positions, including Leader of the Ocean Engineering Research Group, Associate Dean, and Dean. He has exceptional work-related achievements and has made notable contributions to the teaching, learning, and research environment for engineering programs at Memorial University. In addition to his exemplary work as an educator and academic leader, he has also significantly contributed to the engineering profession through his outstanding leadership and selfless guidance in service of PEGNL, Engineers Canada, and the international community. The high regard in which the Canadian engineering education and accreditation systems are held around the world owes much to the role Ross has played within the international engineering community. He has raised the profile of Canadian engineering throughout the Americas and globally.

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Eduardo (Ted) Maulucci, P.Eng.    
Meritorious Service Award for Community Service

As President of SmartONE Solutions Inc. and former CIO of Tridel Corporation, Ted Maulucci has created industry-leading solutions in software and smart buildings that have advanced the real estate technology sector. He has leveraged his high profile in the IT sector to assist university and college engineering programs to gain access to industry resources. His commitment to community service also includes his participation on several boards at George Brown College, the University of Toronto, and community and government agencies. Ted co-founded One Million Acts of Innovation, an organization led by a global network of seasoned experts in multiple fields that develops, participates and delivers innovative programs with a focus on youth skills and employment. Ted has also been an active participant and supporter of the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), a group that assists newcomers to Canada find appropriate and fulfilling employment.

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Mary A. Wells, PhD, P.Eng.
Award for the Support of Women in the Engineering Profession

A professor at the University of Waterloo, Mary Wells is highly regarded in Canada and internationally for her research advances in the processing of advanced metallic alloys and the development of lightweight materials for automotive applications. Mary also possesses the unique combination of genuineness, stature, and inspiring passion to mobilize change for women in engineering. She connects with young girls and women through outreach and community events, through her research and teaching, and through her professional service. Her warm and engaging personality and her enthusiasm for engineering make her a natural and effective role model for women of all ages.

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Jonathan F. Holzman, PhD, P.Eng.
Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education

Jonathan Holzman is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. He develops micro- and nano-photonic technologies, with device fabrication carried out in UBC’s Applied Micro and Nano Systems Facility. The developed technologies are targeted at a variety of applications, including ultrafast all-optical process, optical wireless communications, terahertz spectroscopy, and others. He is known by his students and staff for implementing a number of innovative teaching methods and taking the time to explain to students the practical application of the topic they are learning about, often using technology for teaching, including live demonstrations involving lasers. Jonathan’s dedication to teaching effectiveness, service to his students, and his contributions to innovation and education are unsurpassed.

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Amy M. Bilton, PhD, P.Eng.
Young Engineer Achievement Award

Amy Bilton of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering is an exceptionally accomplished young researcher and educator who strives to connect advanced engineering thinking and methods to real-world problems. Amy’s research has a significant international development focus, which allows her to make an impact in the areas that need it most. As part of her research, she develops technologies geared towards water and energy solutions for the developing world. She has conducted, and is currently leading, international development projects in Bangladesh, Ghana, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Vietnam, and developing technologies to meet their specific needs.

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Radar Flir Ranger R20SS
National Award for an Engineering Project or Achievement

The ultimate performance of any large-scale security system rides on the capabilities of the surveillance radar. In creating the Ranger R20SS, a team of engineers from the Laval-based firm, FLIR Radars, a subsidiary of FLIR Systems Inc., has significantly pushed the boundaries of target detection in terms of range, accuracy, minimum detectable velocity, and false-alarm rate. By using an electronic antenna, an innovative architecture, and advanced processing, FLIR has developed a radar that matches or exceeds the performance of the industry heavyweights, and they have achieved all this with a per unit cost that is markedly less than the competition. The R20SS stands with the best land and maritime surveillance radars. It is a game-changer in the world of high-performance, long-range security systems.

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