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2018 Engineers Canada Awards Recipients

Levente L. Diosady, PhD, P.Eng.
Gold Medal Award

Iron deficiency diseases like anemia affect up to two billion people globally, and for years, the ability to fortify salt with both iodine and iron remained a highly desirable but elusive goal. After 15 years of research, University of Toronto engineering professor Levente Diosady was able to engineer a process that accomplished just that. When deployed in a trial program, it cured anemia in over one million children in India by simply substituting the fortified salt into their lunch. This salt is now being provided to over 60 million adults in the country, with the potential to benefit over a billion more across Africa and Asia. Known in the media as “The Iron Man,” Diosady is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient, and a member of both the Order of Ontario and the Order of Hungary. He holds 21 patents for his work on food processes and is currently researching methods for adding additional micronutrients to salt, which could further improve nutrition for millions of people worldwide.

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Rosa Galvez, PhD, ing.
Meritorious Service Award for Professional Service

Labelled "La Dame du Lac” in the media, the Honourable Senator Rosa Galvez has had a remarkable career, driven by her dedication to strengthening the engineering profession and protecting the environment. As a professor and department head of Civil and Water Engineering at Laval University, she drove significant improvements, including the establishment of an environmental research laboratory and the addition of important research and equipment funding for the department. For her internationally recognized research on the devastating Lac Mégantic petroleum fire, she was also asked to give the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers ’ 2017 – 2018 National Lecture Tour. She’s currently serving as chair of the Senate Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee, where she’s showcasing how engineers can transform policy-making through evidence-and fact-based approaches.

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Hanan Anis, PhD, P.Eng.
Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education

NSERC Engineering Design Chair Hanan Anis is on a mission to provide engineering students with hands-on experience designing and developing products based on the needs of the community. In her unique role within the University of Ottawa’s engineering program, she has developed multiple labs and makerspaces that empower students to apply the science and math they learn during their time in class. Among her greatest accomplishments is the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Engineering Design, which she founded and currently directs. Its innovative programming assists students in developing design depth, customer awareness, business acumen, and experiential learning opportunities with industry. Whether she’s encouraging students to enter engineering competitions, or getting them to rapidly prototype engineering solutions to real-world problems, Anis is having a significant impact on the way students think about the role of engineering in Canadian society and beyond.

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Iqaluit International Airport Improvement Project
National Award for an Engineering Project or Achievement

Nunavut is not linked to other parts of Canada by road or rail, so air transport plays a critical role in providing people there with life’s necessities and connecting the region with the rest of the world. Last year, engineering firm Stantec completed a four-year, $330-million project to upgrade Iqaluit International Airport’s single airstrip and support facilities. This has been a resounding success in the community, offering more efficient use of airside space and a barrier-free, architecturally stunning terminal for visitors and Nunavummiut to use year-round. The larger and more frequent air service enabled by the project means reduced living costs for Nunavummiut, and also provides better access to the world, bringing with it improved opportunities for trade, education, health care, and tourism.

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Maximilian Mantha, MBA, P.Eng.
Young Engineer Achievement Award

At 34 years old, this remarkable civil engineer has worked in both the private and public sectors in the construction industry for the past 10 years and currently serves as the youngest-ever vice president, area manager for EllisDon Toronto Civil and Looby Construction. Maximilian earns trust and respect easily from his peers, employees, clients, business partners and suppliers. Leadership comes naturally to him; his approach to people remains humble and respectful while considering the serious responsibility of a business with more than $440 million in revenue and approximately 350 employees. In no small part, Maximillian’s success has stemmed from his talent for thinking beyond traditional infrastructure financing to provide communities across Ontario with the major projects that are critical to their economic growth. This innovative approach, along with the enormous scale of the projects it has enabled, has secured his organization’s role as a global player, attracting international engineering and construction talent and driving the company to become one of the largest builders in the country.

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Jeannette Montufar, PhD, P.Eng.
Award for the Support of Women in the Engineering Profession

Whether it’s empowering women in STEM programs at university, or developing national guidelines to make crosswalks safer for people with limited mobility, Jeannette Montufar has proven time and again that, with enough vision, accessibility for all is achievable. The civil engineer, who is internationally renowned for her leadership and expertise in the field of transportation engineering, has been a champion of accessibility for women in engineering, supervising and empowering a large proportion of female graduate students and creating a fund to encourage underprivileged women to pursue engineering or scienc e in university. Recently, she has been instrumental in driving the bold initiative between the Manitoba provincial government and Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, Engineering Changes Lives, to ensure that Manitoba meets the 30 by 30 target set out by Engineers Canada.

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Gary Schubak, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Meritorious Service Award for Community Service

Gary Schubak stands out among his peers for his exceptional combination of engineering expertise and heartfelt compassion to his community. Initially trained as a mechanical engineer and now working as a successful entrepreneur and consultant in Vancouver, Schubak feels he would have never been able become a leader in clean tech engineering if not for the support he received in recovering from addiction. His experiences led him to volunteer with the Turning Point Recovery Society, where he served as a board member and then president, making enormous contributions to the creation of supportive abstinence-based environments for substance abuse recovery. Among these, he drove the construction of 18 new residential treatment beds and partnered with five other non-profits to build a 129-unit affordable and supportive housing development. Gary’s ongoing contributions to his community as a volunteer show firsthand what’s possible when meaningful solutions are put in place to assist people on the road to addictions recovery.

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Vanessa Raponi
Gold Medal Student Award

In the second year of her undergrad, Vanessa Raponi founded McMaster EngiQueers, a student-led organization whose aim is to promote intersectional diversity and inclusion within the engineering profession. Now in her final year, she has led the organization to non-profit status and played a major role in opening 30 new chapters across Canada. Alongside this outstanding achievement, Raponihas become known as a voice of change for engineering across Canada, speaking at dozens of conferences and helping organize pivotal national events such as the Conference on Diversity in Engineering. She’s noted by colleagues for her ability to “open up dialogues from different perspectives” and conduct herself as a “leader amongst leaders.” With many more accomplishments to come, Raponi has already succeeded at developing partnerships and initiatives that will have lasting benefits for both the engineering profession and Canadian society as a whole.

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