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Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board’s 2020 engineering design task force report

We are seeking stakeholder feedback on recommendations 1, 2 and 3 of the “Engineering design task force report”. The objectives of the consultation are to:

  1. Inform stakeholders of an alternate definition of engineering design (and therefore revisions to the Design Graduate Attribute, Criterion, and development of a new interpretive statement on engineering design) is being considered.
  2. Investigate stakeholder reaction to the report recommendations.
  3. Consolidate and synthesize stakeholder feedback with the objective of putting forward a list of recommendations for implementation.
  4. Identify barriers to change if the report recommendations are adopted.
  5. Develop a reasonable implementation plan that accommodates the diverse viewpoints of stakeholders.

We will be consulting with stakeholders between October 1 and December 4, 2020.

Document for consultation

Engineering design task force report

Stakeholders being consulted

  • CEEA Design Education/Design Communication Special Interest Group
  • Canadian Federation of Engineering Students
  • Engineers Canada
    • Accreditation Board
    • Qualifications Board
  • Higher education institutions
  • Engineering Deans Canada (EDC)
  • NSERC Design Chairs
  • Regulators
    • councils
    • boards of examiners
    • academic review committees
    • admissions officials

Stakeholders are invited to also provide a written response which should be directed to or by mail to:

Mya Warken
Engineers Canada
300-55 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, ON  K1P 6L5

Written responses must be received by December 4, 2020.
After the consultation closing date, the CEAB will carefully review the feedback received and a summary of the findings will be posted.

For more information contact Mya Warken, Manager, Accreditation and CEAB Secretary

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