As Engineers Canada refines or develops new programs, products, and services, it is critical to seek the input from stakeholder groups through a structured, standardized consultation process.

Here, stakeholders can find information on open and scheduled consultations. Use the subject area listing at the bottom of the page to review past consultations.

You can also review a summary of all 2020 consultations.

Engineers Canada's consultation process

Consultations by Engineers Canada follow a 5-step process:

Overview of the consultation process

  • Planned: The consultation is planned for the upcoming year and is anticipated to be open for feedback in the months indicated. Preliminary information about the consultation is available, but details are still being finalized.
  • Scheduled: Specific dates have been defined for the consultation to open and close. Logistics for face-to-face consultations and contact details are available.
  • Open: These consultations are open for feedback and background information is available to inform input.
  • Closed: Input to the consultation is now closed and Engineers Canada is reviewing the feedback that was provided.
  • Completed: Review of the feedback is complete and the findings of the consultation are available to stakeholders.