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2020 Summary of consultations

As Engineers Canada refines or develops new programs, products, and services, it is critical to seek the input from stakeholder groups through a structured, standardized consultation process.

The following is a summary of all consultations for 2020. They are organized by the current stage of the consultation, and further sorted by subject area.

Open consultations

These consultations are open for feedback and additional background information is available to inform input.

Title Subject area Période de consultation
Interpretive statement on licensure expectations and requirements (clauses 8 and 9) Accreditation November 27, 2020 to January 29, 2021

Closed consultations

Input to the consultation is now closed and Engineers Canada is reviewing the feedback that was provided.

Title Subject area Période de consultation
Accountability in Accreditation data collection Accreditation June 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020
CEAB 2021 work plan Accreditation July 14, 2020 to August 10, 2020
30 by 30 branding and engagement strategy Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion July 21, 2020 to December 1, 2020
Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board’s 2020 engineering design task force report Accreditation October 1, 2020 to December 4, 2020