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Engineers Canada launches Mobility Register to reduce barriers for engineers who wish to work internationally


The Engineers Canada Mobility Register grants qualified engineers designations that indicate they are part of an exclusive group of professionals who meet a high standard of competence and who are prepared to conduct engineering practices internationally.

This free service uses a self-assessment process whereby Canadian professional engineers declare that they meet and will maintain the qualifications to be on the registers.  Successful engineers have the right to use the IntPE or APEC Engineer designations, showing potential clients and employers that they are an experienced and well-qualified engineer. In some international jurisdictions, these engineers may also experience faster registration as a result of their inclusion on the register.

To qualify for the register, an engineer must:

  • be licensed with at least one of the 12 Canadian provincial and territorial engineering regulators, and be listed as being in good standing in each jurisdiction in which they are licensed to practice.
  • have gained a minimum of seven years of practical experience as an engineer within the discipline for which they are seeking to be enlisted on the register.
  • have spent at least two of those years in responsible charge of significant engineering work
  • have satisfied and will continue to satisfy the continuing professional development requirements in all jurisdictions in which they practice their current engineering discipline.

In addition, an engineer must agree to several terms and conditions that demonstrate their higher commitment to professional practice. This includes a commitment to inform all jurisdictions where they are registered of any changes in their registration status, sanctions, or revocations. They must also agree to suspend practice in every jurisdiction in which they are registered if they are found guilty of incompetent or professional conduct in any jurisdiction.

To find out more about the mobility register, or to apply, visit