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New platform will streamline accreditation process and enrolment and degrees awarded survey


The delivery of a reliable, high-quality program for the accreditation of engineering programs is a core part of the work that Engineers Canada does. Over the last several years, it has become clear that the current approach for collecting accreditation information is imposing an unsustainable strain for higher education institution (HEI) staff, volunteers, and Engineers Canada staff.

Recognizing this, Engineers Canada has launched a project to modernize how we currently conduct and manage accreditation to reduce the workload on institutions seeking accreditation, our volunteers, and our staff. In addition, we also recognize this as an opportunity to make it easier for institutions to respond to our annual Enrolment and Degrees Awards Survey.

Your input is needed

Before moving forward in selecting this new technology solution it is essential that we obtain stakeholder input and insight. If you participate in any way along the accreditation process, we want to hear from you. We want to know:

  • What three things would you like to see changed within the process of accreditation and/or the Enrolment Database and why?
  • How would you like to be involved in our project? And why?
  • What would a successful technology solution look like to you? What should it include?
  • Have we missed anything?

Please send your responses to us at     

The scope of the solution

To date, the anticipated scope of the solution includes functionality for:


  • Prepare pre-visit documentation
  • Maintain records of Accreditation status and history
  • Manage volunteers
  • Manage Accreditation Project tasks, due dates, and status
  • Conduct analysis and prepare reports of accreditation data

Enrolment and degrees awarded survey

  • Prepare, send out, and respond to Annual Enrolment and Resources Survey
  • Prepare and complete the Enrolment and Resources questionnaires
  • Conduct analysis and prepare reports of survey data

Next steps

Feedback will be consolidated, summarized and shared with all stakeholders in the fall of 2017.

Should your feedback require further investigation, someone from our project team will be in contact with you.

Spread the news

Do you know of anyone who should be made aware of news related to this project? We encourage you to share our news to your contacts who may have a vested interest in either accreditation of engineering programs in Canada or the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey.