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Accreditation Improvement Program

The Accreditation Improvement Program is essential to ensuring that engineering education accreditation continues to be delivered in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Accreditation is dependent upon the work of hundreds of expert volunteers and their time must be used in the most effective manner possible. Engineering programs invest significant resources to participate in accreditation; this includes collecting the data necessary to show compliance with accreditation criteria and completing all the preparations required to receive a visit. The Accreditation Improvement Program seeks to make the best use possible of resources while enabling the continual improvement of engineering education in Canada. This program will ultimately contribute to a strong and sustainable engineering profession and enhanced international mobility of engineering graduates.

Engineers Canada also works with the faculties of engineering and applied science to acquire and maintain information on student enrolment and graduation from engineering programs. This process has been occurring annually since 1991, and recurring frequently since the 1970s. Some of the information contained in these records is also required information for accreditation. In order to streamline both processes, Engineers Canada is investing in updating the enrolment and degrees awarded database concurrently with the improvements to the accreditation process.  This way, these systems can share common information and reduce manual input of data for all users.

Program Objectives

The Accreditation Improvement Program is intended to deliver the following:

  • Improve the performance of the accreditation process as reported by key stakeholders
  • Improve the stakeholder consultation process
  • Improve operational performance through process automation
  • Improve the reliability and user experience of the reporting system
  • Allow new users to more quickly adopt the reporting system
  • Provide Engineers Canada staff an efficient and reliable system to collect and maintain enrolment and degrees awarded information
  • Ensure the Engineers Canada Board has the information needed to make decisions on matters relating to engineering education and accreditation in Canada and in other countries

Stakeholder Feedback is Needed

Engineers Canada is looking for feedback from engineering accreditation stakeholders on the following topics:

  1. Improving the overall efficiency of the accreditation process
  2. Improving the methods and timing of communication as it relates to changes made to the accreditation process and tools
  3. Improvement in the knowledge and abilities of volunteers conducting accreditation visits

For more information

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