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Strategic planning

The purposes of Engineers Canada are set out by its member regulators in the articles of continuance. Every three years, the Board creates the Three-Year Strategic Plan, which is refreshed annually. The CEO creates  an annual operating plan and budget that detail how the organization will achieve the direction set by the Board. 

New ideas

In addition to our structured and cyclical planning process, we are always looking for new ideas to help us achieve our goals for the public and for the engineering profession. The method we use to capture new ideas is a prospectus. This short and very simple document summarizes a new idea in such a way as to allow consultation with stakeholders to determine levels of support for the concept. If the necessary levels of support are present then the idea is incorporated into the established business planning and project management cycle. Examples of current ideas being considered appear in the list below:

Idea Status
Accreditation Management System Preparing for consultation
Discipline Handbook  Consultation complete
National Engineering Publication  Consultation complete
Online Competency Assessment Consultation complete
Organizational Quality Management (OQM) Consultation in progress
Online Ethics Course Consultation in progress
Discipline and Enforcement Library Consultation in progress

Diagram demonstrating how ideas become implemented from prospectus, to charter, to the development of a solution, to implementation and lessons learned.

For more information

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