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Framework for Regulation

The Framework is a set of aspirational elements that form the baseline for engineering regulators.

The Purpose 
To support the engineering regulators in their mandate to regulate the practice of engineering, license the members of the profession and to serve and protect the public interest by:

  • capturing excellent national and international practices;
  • responding to emerging trends and challenges; and
  • facilitating fair practices that are accessible, timely, monitored, transparent, objective, impartial and just.

The Development Process

Elements are developed through research of national and international regulatory practices.

Stage 1: Initial development of elements will take place in 2015 and 2016

Stage 2: Ongoing improvement to ensure elements are current and reflective of changing trends and challenges facing the profession.

The Roles         

The regulators participate in the development of elements and decide if, when, and how to adopt the elements in their jurisdiction.

Engineers Canada facilitates the development and ongoing improvement of the Framework.

The Elements

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