What are Engineers Canada’s Women in Engineering activities?

Engineers Canada is dedicated to increasing the participation of women in the engineering profession. Engineers Canada works to:

  • identify initiatives to attract greater numbers of women to engineering
  • promote their retention in the engineering profession
  • raise the profile and improve the image of the engineering profession
  • demonstrate the value of diversity in engineering education and in the workplace
  • help prepare engineers for a diverse workforce

Why does Engineers Canada make Women in Engineering a priority?

  • To ensure women are represented in the engineering profession
  • To attract women to be licensed members of the provincial and territorial engineering regulatory bodies
  • To encourage young girls to consider engineering as a career
  • To promote equitable rights for female engineers
  • To retain licensed female engineers within the profession
  • To ensure labour market needs are met

Who does Engineers Canada collaborate with for Women in Engineering activities?

For a complete list of Engineers Canada’s collaborators in women in engineering activities, please visit the Links of Interest page.

What documents would be of interest to read?

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