The Data Management System Advisory Committee was established in 2017 to advise the Accreditation Improvement Program Team on specific matters related to the selection and implementation of the data management system (DMS). Since its creation, the committee has been helping us ensure that the data management system reflects the needs, wants, and vision of stakeholders.

The overall purpose of the committee is to ensure that the perspective of an HEI user is reflected throughout the development of the DMS by providing input on:

  • The selection of a data management system
  • The validation of data management system requirements
  • Implementation approaches for the system
  • User experience testing and feedback

Regular consultation with the committee has been and will continue to be a cornerstone of our approach. The Advisory Committee composed of seven members:

  • Pemberton Cyrus
    Dalhousie University
  • Carol Jaeger
    University of British Columbia
  • Jake Kaupp
    Queen’s University
  • Nicholas Krouglicof
    University of Prince Edward Island
  • Marc Landry
    Université Laval
  • Laurent Mydlarski
    McGill University
  • Adam Rodrigues
    Engineers Canada