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About Diversity in Engineering

Diversity in engineering means engaging the best minds of the profession, which includes women, Indigenous peoples and internationally educated professionals. Increased diversity and inclusivity within the engineering workforce provides significant benefits to Canadians by delivering a solution to overcoming skills shortages, increasing innovation capacity and providing a greater return on human resource investment. Engineers Canada strongly believes that diversity and inclusion within engineering will ensure the sustainability of the profession and its ability to understand the public it serves.

Canada has a strong demand for engineering now and well into the future. Engineers Canada is working with the provincial and territorial engineering regulators to ensure that the engineering profession reflects the demographics of Canadian society and continues to meet the needs of the Canadian economy.

Engineers Canada’s Strategy for Diversity in Engineering

Engineers Canada’s diversity and inclusivity work is driven by strong partnerships. This entails building alliances and relationships to deliver relevant activities, services, and initiatives for individuals at various stages of their engineering career—from first finding their love for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects, to choosing to study engineering at the university level, to continuing on the path to earn their engineering license, and to ensuring that they remain within the profession to become an experienced engineer and an engineering leader.                                                                                                                   

Equitable Participation in Engineering Committee

Engineers Canada’s work in the area of diversity, inclusion, and youth engagement is done in consultation with Engineers Canada’s Equitable Participation in Engineering Committee. Comprised of professionals with subject expertise in relevant areas, the Committee’s key goals are to provide guidance and to advise on the implementation of programs for women, Indigenous peoples, and the profession as a whole.

For more information about the Committee’s work, refer to the committee listings.


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