Engineers Canada Trademarks, Official Marks and Trademark Applications

Protecting the Engineering Brand

Engineers Canada owns a portfolio of over 40 trademarks, official marks and trademark applications registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office relating to its corporate identity, the engineering designations, and various projects and initiatives it has undertaken.

Engineers Canada is responsible for preserving and protecting the engineering brand in Canada and to avoid circumstances where the public may be misled by third parties inappropriately using these trademarked terms. To this end, Engineers Canada monitors advertisements of trademark applications in the Trademarks Journal published by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office that resemble or comprise any of Engineers Canada’s registered marks. The ownership of these marks by Engineers Canada is protection against unauthorized third parties applying for trademarks that are similar to, or contain Engineers Canada’s marks.  If Engineers Canada determines that one of its marks is being used without permission or authorization, it will take whatever steps it thinks is necessary, including legal action to enforce its rights in protecting the engineering brand.   

However, a consent or settlement is pursued in cases where the applicant is a professional engineer authorized to provide engineering services in Canada or, in the case where the applicant is a company, if it employs licensed professional engineers in Canada. Our aim is to preserve and not dilute the engineering brand. We maintain that these marks are integral to the engineering brand.  Simply, we want to protect the engineering brand for those professional engineers and companies who have worked diligently and responsibly to get licensed with their provincial or territorial engineering regulator.

Our Trademark Portfolio

Trademarks, Official Marks and Applications

Engineers Canada owns the following trademarks and official marks in relation to its corporate identity, programs and projects:

Engineers Canada logo

Engineers Canada logo


National Engineering Month logo

Mois national du genie

National Engineering Month logo

Engineering designation Official Marks

Engineers Canada protects the engineering brand to help prevent the public from being misled by the inappropriate use of certain engineering designations. The following engineering designation official marks are protected by Engineers Canada:

  • ING.
  • P.ENG.

Complete list of Engineers Canada trademarks, official marks and applications registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Registering a Canadian corporation

As part of Engineers Canada’s efforts to protect the engineering brand, if you intend to register a Canadian corporation with a corporate name that includes any of our trademarked terms (e.g. Johnson Engineering Inc.), you will require an unconditional written consent from Engineers Canada in order to obtain a Certificate of Incorporation under the Canada Business Corporations Act

For more information on how to obtain our consent, please see our Registering a Canadian Corporation page.