The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) is responsible for producing information that assists in decisions on matters related to engineering education both in Canada and abroad. The CEAB monitors trends that impact engineering education and accreditation, and it makes its findings available to stakeholders. When the CEAB is considering changes to criteria, policies, or procedures, it produces and publicly posts reports to serve as a foundation for stakeholder consultation.

Current reports and consultations

Statistical Analysis on the Time-Variance of Accreditation Units (2001-2017)

The objective of this report is to analyze and assess statistically significant trends in the time variance of accreditation units (AU) allocated by engineering programs in Canada. Through this analysis, the aim is to provide a clearer picture of the efforts required by postsecondary institutions to adapt to changing academic requirement criteria, as established by Engineers Canada, over time.

The Engineering  Design  Task  Force  Report

The Engineering Design Task Force, initiated in winter 2018 after an initial consultation phase, is proposing the adoption of a revised definition of ‘engineering design’. It is proposed that this definition be applied to CEAB criteria 3.1.5, 3.4.4., and that a new interpretive statement on engineering design be adopted.

A national consultation on this report will open in early 2020.