What are Substantially Equivalent Programs?

The Accreditation Board accredits undergraduate (bachelor) programs only. The Engineers Canada Accreditation Board evaluates engineering programs offered outside of Canada. These evaluations follow Accreditation Board criteria and procedures. Programs that meet the Accreditation Board criteria are deemed “substantially equivalent” to similar Canadian programs.

Against which criteria and procedures are programs seeking substantial equivalency assessed?

Programs seeking substantial equivalency are assessed against the criteria and procedures of the Engineers Canada Accreditation Board. These are published annually in the fall. This document contains information for higher education institutions outside of Canada seeking to offer Substantially Equivalent Programs. It also contains a list of all programs that have, or have received, substantially equivalent status. It includes the procedures for substantial equivalency visits (refer to Appendix 11).


2021-2022 Substantially Equivalent cycle

Resources for higher educations institutions and visiting teams participating in the 2021-2022 Substantially Equivalent cycle.

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