What is the Final Year Student Exit Report?

The study examines graduating undergraduate engineering students’ familiarity with the engineering profession, initial motivation to study engineering, future plans and undergraduate experiences.  Engineers Canada has been conducting this study since 2013, which allows for a longitudinal examination of students’ perceptions.  

Why does Engineers Canada track this information?

By amassing this information, we are better able to understand graduating students’ experiences and knowledge of the engineering profession as it changes over time.  This enables stakeholders to improve decision-making and to gauge the effectiveness of programs designed to engage students.  Moreover, the report provides insight into students’ experiences in engineering programs.  This can be used to guide outreach that fosters motivation and removes barriers.  

How is the Final Year Student Exit Report developed?

With the help of the National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science, graduating undergraduate engineering students across the country are contacted annually. The students are asked to participate in an approximately 20-minute survey. The results are processed and evaluated by an independent research firm. Five reports are produced, one from a national perspective and four showcasing regional trends.  The report is finalized by Engineers Canada and presented here.

How do I obtain a copy of the current reports?

To read the current reports, click on the links below:




To read the previous reports, click on the links below:


For more information contact us at research@engineerscanada.ca