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We are advancing Canadian engineering through national collaboration


Our Work

Engineers Canada upholds the honour, integrity, and interests of the engineering profession by supporting consistent high standards in the regulation of engineering, encouraging the growth of the profession in Canada, and inspiring public confidence.



Engineers Canada accredits Canadian undergraduate programs in engineering. Students who receive a degree from an accredited engineering program meet the academic requirements needed to become licensed with Canada’s engineering regulators.

Become an engineer

To practice engineering in Canada, you must hold and maintain a license from one of Canada’s engineering regulators. Learn more about the licensure process.


As Engineers Canada refines or develops new programs, products, and services, it is critical to seek the input from stakeholder groups through a structured, standardized consultation process.

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Public policy

Engineers Canada represents the public interest concerns of the engineering profession by maintaining positive relations with the federal government.

Women in engineering

Engineers Canada is working with allies across the profession to increase the the representation of women in engineering.

Guidelines and papers

Engineers Canada develops guidelines and papers to support the regulation and practice of engineering.

Awards and honours

Engineers Canada offers awards, scholarships, and fellowships to recognize and promote excellence in engineering.

Upcoming Events

2023 Late Fall Meeting

Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board 125th Meeting

Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board meeting

Services for engineers

Engineers Canada’s sponsored initiatives and partnerships provide engineers and geoscientists with exclusive rates across a range of services, including insurance, investment, and more.