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2019.03.14 Call for expressions of interest in joining the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (1-3 members-at-large)
CEAB opportunity: The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board has put out a call for expressions of interest in joining as a member at large.
2019.03.14 Western Graduate Attribute/Continual Improvement Process Summit
The Summit will engage participants in discussion on the process of assessing Graduate Attributes (GAs) via rubrics and managing GA data collection. We will start the day with an overview of lessons learned from our recent data collection journey (moving from Excel sheets and Workbooks submitted via email to a custom online web-based platform that incorporates program mapping).
2019.03.12 Girls First program offering new ways to explore STEM
Girl Guides Canada’s Girls First program empowers girls with fun, relevant, girl-driven activities and experiences.
2019.03.12 Engineers Canada applauds government’s investment in Canadian space program
Two announcements over the past two weeks have marked historic investment in Canada’s space program. Engineers will have a crucial role to play in Canada’s new space strategy.

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