In December 2016, Engineers Canada conducted a survey of Canadians to better understand the public’s perception of the value, impact, opportunities and challenges of the engineering profession.

The survey’s findings will help us in developing and implementing programs and projects such as our outreach efforts during National Engineering Month, and they will impact how we communicate on issues like climate change or international mobility.

It also gives the engineering profession data that we can bring to bear in public policy development and in our engagement with government officials, where the expectations of Canadians will be used to inform our public policy goals. In addition, this information helps us identify where opportunities exist for the engineering profession to be positioned on key issues facing the country.

Finally, this research allows us to support the engineering regulators in understanding public perceptions in their jurisdictions and how they relate to national perspectives.

Overall, the findings paint a positive picture for engineering in Canada. While there is work to do in strengthening our presence in the minds of Canadians, foundational perceptions of our profession are strong, positive and create a place for growth.

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