Engineers Canada accredits Canadian undergraduate programs in engineering. Students who receive a degree from an accredited engineering program meet the academic requirements needed to become licensed with Canada’s engineering regulators.

Accredited engineering programs bring multiple benefits for both students and regulators:

  • Regular accreditation of programs fosters the continual improvement of education
  • Accreditation ensures that programs are meeting the high standards necessary for licensure
  • Degrees from accredited programs are accepted by engineering regulators nationwide and are also recognized by our international partners.

Accreditation does not involve ranking programs. All accredited undergraduate engineering programs meet the high standards of education required for licensure.

Who gets accredited

Individuals, courses, and institutions are not accredited. Engineers Canada, through the Accreditation Board, only accredits undergraduate engineering programs. There are 306 accredited engineering programs at 44 higher education institutions across Canada.

See the list of higher education institutions with accredited engineering programs

Regulations on granting transfer credits

The Accreditation Board adopted new regulations for granting transfer credits on February 25, 2012. Programs must be compliant with these regulations as of January 1, 2013. The new regulations are in the most recent Accreditation Board Accreditation Criteria and Procedures document, which you can find here.