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Improving our existing training program will contribute to consistency across accreditation visits by giving volunteers and educators the information and resources they need in a timely and repeatable way. Visiting team members and higher education institutions will benefit from:

  • A more predictable, consistent experience for volunteers and HEIs
  • Comprehensive training for those involved in accreditation and the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey
  • Improved visit tools (e.g. procedures, forms, checklists)

This work will also establish measures for training effectiveness and evaluation of team members’ performance, which will allow us to continually monitor and improve the program’s effectiveness.

News on the training program

April 2019

On April 4, 2019, we held a webinar on how to complete course information sheets (CIS) which was attended by 30 representatives from HEIs receiving visits during the 2019-2020 accreditation cycle.

March 2019

This month we sent out registration information for training on using Tandem for the 2019 Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey cycle. These webinar sessions aim to provide users with the knowledge they need to use Tandem’s data collection tools and to enter their institution’s data. Once the training sessions have concluded, Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey data collection will begin on May 13, 2019. Throughout the data collection cycle, we will hold virtual drop-in sessions where users can ask questions they may have about the survey or about Tandem itself.

January 2019

The volunteer experience survey we distributed following our autumn visit cycle has now closed. We are pleased to report a 35 per cent response rate. We have begun analyzing the responses.  These findings will help inform the next steps in refining our volunteer support process. For those respondents who completed the survey and provided an email, we will be sending out details of our analysis when it is complete.  

January 2019

We continue preparations to roll out the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey under the new data management system. This includes initial development of a training program, and beginning our acceptance testing to ensure the system meets our requirements.

October 2018

Over the summer, Accreditation Improvement Program staff revised the template that visiting team chairs used to conduct accreditation preparation and visits. The revised presentation has now been rolled for the 2018/2019 visit season, and initial feedback from users is positive. In general, visiting teams report they are now able to prepare more effectively prior to visits, making better use of screen sharing and digital tools for pre-visit meetings than in the past. They also report that they have been better able to discover gaps in documentation and formulate questions for HEI representatives in advance of arriving on site.