Nominations are currently closed. The nomination period for the upcoming year will open in the fall of 2024.

The Engineers Canada Leadership Scholarship consists of eight scholarships of $4,000 each annually to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students in CEAB-accredited engineering programs.

These scholarships are awarded to undergraduate engineering students returning in the fall who have completed one year of engineering studies and who demonstrate potential to be leaders in advancing engineering in Canada.


Recipients must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • At the scholarship deadline, be enrolled full-time and in good standing with a CEAB-accredited undergraduate engineering program
  • As of August 31, 2024, have completed at least one year of undergraduate engineering studies at an CEAB-accredited program
  • Be registered for a minimum of two full-time semesters for the 2024-2025 academic year at an CEAB-accredited engineering program
  • Have not previously received the Engineers Canada Leadership Scholarship.


This scholarship is open to students located in all provinces and territories. To ensure equitable representation of students across Canada we have allocated the following:

Indigenous students

  • One (1) or more scholarships shall be awarded to an Indigenous student

Geographical distribution

  • Two (2) or more scholarships shall be awarded to students of programs in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba
  • One (1) or more scholarships shall be awarded to students of programs in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador

Selection criteria

To be considered, nomination packages must be submitted in full, on time, and not exceeding character, word, or page limits. Late or incomplete nomination packages will not be considered. Content in excess of the character, word, or page limit will not be considered.

The Engineers Canada Awards Committee will assess each nomination using the following criteria:

Academic achievement (20 points)

Nominees shall be required to submit a copy of their academic transcript for assessment by Engineers Canada.

Demonstration of leadership (30 points)

Nominees should demonstrate how they have exhibited the qualities of a leader through some or all of the following:

  • Active and impactful participation in engineering associations, societies, clubs, or other professional or student bodies related to engineering.
  • Active and impactful participation in events and outreach activities that enrich the engineering student experience, promote the profession, and/or advance Canadians’ understanding of the role of engineering and professional engineers in society.
  • Extracurricular activities such as competitions, conferences, and other opportunities.
  • Behaviour as a role model within the engineering student community.
  • Active and impactful participation in their community through volunteerism.
  • Extra-curricular activities outside of the engineering program that have a positive impact on society.
  • Social and community conscience that models an engaged engineering profession.
  • Leadership in their community.

Resiliency (30 points)

Nominees should demonstrate some or all of the following:

  • Resilience in response to life challenges or adversity.
  • Capacity to find and implement solutions to challenging situations.
  • Ability to balance successful academic performance with their additional, employment commitments, community, engineering education, outreach, and/or engagement activities.

Vision (20 points)

Through their written submission, nominees should identify their personal vision for the impact they would like to make in the engineering profession and describe the positive contribution they wish to make as an engineer. This vision should:

  • Be realistic, achievable and specific
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the problems they intend to address
  • Describe how their engineering education and career as an engineer will help them work towards this vision
  • Describe how their past and current activities are contributing to this vision

How to apply

The nomination form must be completed online in a single session (you cannot save your work and come back to it later). It is strongly recommended to read the nomination form entirely before you begin to ensure you have all necessary information and documents ready. In addition to completing the form, required documents include:

  • An electronic copy of your transcripts for your current engineering program. An unofficial copy is acceptable.  
  • Two letters of support - Each letter should provide evidence and validation of the contributions described in the nomination package. (2 pages maximum per letter)
    • At least one letter should come from a member of faculty with knowledge of the student.
    • Letters of support in sealed and signed envelopes are not required. However, if provided, they should be mailed to:
      • Awards and Scholarships
        Engineers Canada
        300-55 Metcalfe Street
        Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5
    • Letters of support sent by post must be postmarked on or before the application deadline.


All nominees, successful or otherwise, will receive written notification of the Awards Committee’s decisions by August.

If you are successful

  • Details of your scholarship will be outlined in the notification letter.
  • The awarding and payment of the scholarship is subject to receipt of written confirmation of enrolment with your institution.