“The more society tends towards the convenient approach that the internet facilitates, where we perceive that we can source a solution to any problem from what has been done and broadcast before, the more critical it is that there are some who still think independently. We need people who try and take what they are given and make it better.”

As a researcher, Bradley Buckham works with private-sector companies and coastal communities in British Columbia to advance marine renewable energy technology, with a focus on launching demo projects that displace diesel-fueled energy generation on the BC Coastline.

As an educator, Buckham particularly prides himself on the more than 3300 first-year students that he’s taught since joining the University of Victoria’s engineering faculty in 2004. He says that if he’s managed to help even one per cent of that group reach its full potential, then their collective accomplishments are going to far outweigh his own technical portfolio of work. By choosing to consistently teach first-year classes even as he’s advanced as a faculty member, Buckham also feels that he’s been able to make increasing contributions to the evolution of the university's engineering programs themselves. In his own words, “I think time and consistency are an exponential factor in the ‘impact’ formula.”

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