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Indigenous Peoples in Engineering

Engineers Canada is dedicated to working with partner organizations to attract and retain Indigenous peoples in the engineering profession and support the careers of engineers who are Indigenous.  To accomplish this, we have identified initiatives to attract greater numbers of Indigenous peoples to engineering, to raise the profile and improve the image of the engineering profession within Indigenous communities, and to support participation in programs designed to encourage Indigenous youth to enter STEM fields.

Engineers Canada works to promote a profession that is representative of society and, therefore, Indigenous peoples’ access to engineering is a priority for Engineers Canada.  By developing a diverse workforce, ingenuity and creativity in engineering will thrive.  To accomplish this, we aim:

  • to encourage Indigenous youth to consider engineering as a career
  • to support programs that attract and retain Indigenous peoples into undergraduate engineering programs across the country
  • to attract Indigenous peoples who have graduated from engineering programs to become licensed members of the provincial and territorial engineering regulators
  • to ensure labour market needs are met
  • to collaborate with the Assembly of First Nations under our signed Statement of Partnership
  • to work with a volunteer committee made up of leaders with experience in Indigenous peoples’ access to engineering

Indigenous Peoples’ Participation in Engineering Working Group

Engineers Canada’s Indigenous Peoples’ Participation in Engineering working group, part of the Equitable Participation in Engineering Committee, is active and developing a national strategy to increase Indigenous participation in engineering, with a focus on increasing the number of Indigenous peoples graduating from engineering undergraduate programs across the country. 

The working group has formed a relationship with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), which also supports Canadian Indigenous students. AISES and the working group identified the need to have Canadian representation in their decision-making to help AISES serve Canadian members more fully, and the Canadian Indigenous Advisory Council (CIAC) to AISES was created in September 2017. CIAC provides guidance to AISES and supported the establishment of the new Canadian region of AISES, named .caISES, which works to provide support, mentorship, and networking opportunities for Indigenous peoples in STEM.

Indigenous peoples’ access to engineering

In 2016, Engineers Canada published the report ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Access to Post-Secondary Engineering Programs: A Review of Practice Consensus,’ which provides recommendations for activities that program managers in Canadian post-secondary engineering programs can evaluate as best practices.

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