Engineers and engineering work intersect with Indigenous people and Indigenous communities (First Nation, Métis, and Inuit) in many ways. As a starting point, it is important to acknowledge the impact engineering has on Indigenous peoples and communities, from coast to coast to coast. Whether in the context of resource development, infrastructure creation and maintenance on and off reserves, technological applications of engineering design, and beyond. Engineering needs to incorporate Indigenous ways of being and ways of knowing to create more positive solutions for Indigenous communities seeking economic independence, clean drinking water, and sustainable development opportunities on their lands. 

Indigenous Advisory Committee

In order to support Engineers Canada’s strategy 2022-2024 and Operation imperative 9 (OP9): Promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the profession that reflects Canadian society, Engineers Canada seeks to build on our previous work on Indigenous access to engineering with guidance from our Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC).

The IAC was created in January 2020 and follows the work of the previous Equitable Participation in Engineering Committee’s sub-committee on Indigenous Peoples’ Participation in Engineering. The IAC’s purpose is to support the chief executive officer in achieving the goals laid out in OP9, to serve the regulators, to promote and maintain the interest, honour and integrity of the Canadian engineering profession, and to support progress towards improving truth and reconciliation in engineering.

Committee Charges

Provides advice and guidance to Engineers Canada on:

  1. The implementation of the OP9 workplan.
  2. Initiatives related to Indigenization, decolonizing, and truth and reconciliation in engineering. 
  3. Engineers Canada’s partnerships and engagement, responsibility, and role in relationships with Indigenous organizations, individuals, and communities.
  4. Engineers Canada’s Government Relations team’s strategy to inform and engage the government regarding Indigenous peoples’ access to engineering and related issues. 
  5. General requests for advice from Engineers Canada staff related to the above subject areas.

Committee Members

Sheldon Baikie 

Randy Herrmann

Nicole Everett

Tyler Patles

Nicole McDonald

Denise Pothier

Connor Scheu

Pamela Wolf

Staff Support

Yasemin Tanaçan-Blacklock
Advisor, Equity and Belonging 

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