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An annual national campaign that takes place each year in March, National Engineering Month celebrates the heart and soul of engineers—their passion, commitment, and action towards making the world a better place. National Engineering Month is guided by the theme, “There’s a place for you in engineering,” which celebrates the diversity of thought, opportunities, and people that make up the engineering profession and whose passion and commitment drive tangible efforts that improve our world. In some provinces, you’ll find geoscientists joining in as part of National Engineering and Geoscience Month. 

National Engineering Month is a forum for engineering students, engineers-in-training (EITs), and early-career engineers to have conversations about their profession, their drive to create solutions, and their stories of how they are working towards the change they want to see in the world. Events during National Engineering Month empower and inspire them to consider important questions as they embark on their engineering careers: what is our role, as engineers, in society? What will my impact be as an engineer? How can we use engineering to contribute solutions to today’s biggest challenges? What do we want our profession to look like?

Find events for engineering students, EITs, and early-career engineers in the national event calendar below. 

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National Engineering Month events