Throughout July and August, the CEAB hosted a series of webinars ahead of the 2021/2022 virtual accreditation visits to support both HEIs and visiting team members:

  • “Planning for your virtual visit” for HEIs, provided insights into how deans, designated officials, support staff and faculty can prepare for their upcoming virtual accreditation visit.
  • “An introduction to virtual accreditation visits”, for visiting team members, covered similar information, but also provided information on the role of a visiting team member in a virtual accreditation visit.

Each session walked participants through the processes detailed in the Guide for the Virtual Evaluation of an Engineering Program.  The summer offerings of these sessions were well received, and if you were unable to attend, the session recordings are now available

Similar sessions will be offered again in the fall to support programs and visiting team members preparing for virtual visits in the winter semester.  We encourage you to attend one of these sessions if you have not done so already and to bring any questions you may have on virtual visits for a tailored response from the presenters. Registration for the fall offerings are now open.