Alberta’s attempts to diversify the workforce is stymied by discrimination. Eleven iconic civil engineering landmarks to add to your bucket list. Estimates for Newfoundland tunnel project double, and predict large annual losses and slower trips. These were the most-read stories in the Daily Media Report in early August. 

A rude awakening. Work in Edmonton for racialized women is a double-edged sword, experts say. The city is attractive for its affordability and opportunities, but social exclusion, unfair pay, dismissals and inequitable treatment are driving some out. Wage gaps exists for many fields, including law and engineering. 

Civil engineering bucket list. These are eleven iconic civil engineering landmarks to add to your travel itinerary. Number ten can be found here in Canada - the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. 

Newfoundland tunnel predictions. Estimates for the tunnel to Newfoundland show doubled project costs, large annual losses, and slower trips. Despite the issues, the provincial and federal governments are still talking about proceeding with the massive project.