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Engineers Canada releases guideline on returning to active practice


The Engineers Canada Board has approved a new national guideline on returning to active practice, which presents recommendations to the engineering regulators on the treatment of individuals seeking to regain their right to practice professional engineering.

The guideline provides guidance on the documentation and considerations related to requests to return to active practice, whether they come from former members seeking reinstatement, or from current members who have given up their right to practice and wish to resume practicing.

This guideline provides recommendations to help with the harmonization of requirements and processes for returning to active practice in professional engineering across Canada. Having similar requirements for returning to practice will foster a clear, fair and transparent process for those affected.

The regulators have been entrusted with safeguarding the public through the regulation of the practice of professional engineering. This requirement guides them in admissions work, where they require that all members meet a standard to practise safely and independently. This applies equally to those requesting a return to practice – the engineering regulator must check that they can practise safely, ethically, and independently.

The guideline is a product of the Qualifications Board, which supports regulatory excellence as well as the sustainability and confidence in the profession by developing and maintaining national guidelines on the practice of engineering in Canada.