In May, Engineers Canada welcomed Kathy Baig as 2022-23 president. We caught up with Kathy to share her thoughts on the presidency and what she hopes to accomplish during her tenure. 

What led you to consider the role as president?  

I have been involved in the engineering community at the provincial and national levels for many years. I’ve always been a great believer in the engineering profession. I believe it will have a  greater impact in Canada if we continue to unite and ensure its future. I’m grateful for the opportunity to hopefully continue to move this forward. Thank you to the Board for granting me their trust and this privilege. 

As Engineers Canada’s newly elected president, what do you hope to accomplish in the coming year? 

A number of things need to be accomplished over the next few years. My top priorities include the national campaign to promote the profession, the modernization of the accreditation system, and national collaboration among various regulator entities. I’m looking forward to seeing this work progress over the next year. 

What are your thoughts on the current strategic direction of Engineers Canada? 

I first got involved as an Engineers Canada director in 2016. Collaboration among members of the engineering profession across Canada was my first goal. The 2022-2024 strategic plan A Vision for Collaboration fully reflects the purpose we embody. This vision is described in six strategic priorities and grouped under three key themes:  

  • Advance the engineering regulatory framework
  • Champion an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and trustworthy engineering profession 
  • Uphold our commitment to excellence 

I think our plan will lead to an impactful profession that will evolve to adequately meet society’s needs and its challenges. 

In the first year of the new Strategic Plan, what work are you most looking forward to seeing advance?  

At the Board’s recent strategic session held in Mont-Tremblant in June, we spoke a lot about our Board efficiency and ways Engineers Canada can better meet the needs of the country. An action plan has been established for the next year. In addition to all our strategic priorities, I’m enthusiastic about this work.