Engineers Canada is seeking proposals to aid in a project to define Engineers Canada’s mandate for regulatory harmonization and to identify areas for future collaboration and/or harmonization with the 12 engineering regulators. This project will help Engineers Canada identify valuable work, prioritize activities and could lead to greater collaboration of the engineering regulators and increased harmonization of regulatory practices across Canada.  The Project has an anticipated completion of December 2023. 

Successful completion of this Project will entail several key services and deliverables including:   

  • Developing a consultation approach as well as a consultation plan for 12 consultations (one with each engineering regulator)  
  • Developing resources for directors to conduct consultations  
  • Participating in person in the 12 consultations of each engineering regulators and offering live support in consultation as necessary  
  • Preparing a report after each consultation  
  • Facilitating a national consultation, including developing the facilitation plan and reporting on results of the consultation afterward  
  • Delivering a final report which summarizes the key messages heard during all consultations and enables decision-making by the Collaboration Task Force  
  • Collaborating with Engineers Canada to ensure smooth delivery of all Project components  

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