It’s back! The Spring Let’s Talk Careers Competition kicks off on April 15, 2024, and runs until May 24, 2024.  

Engineers Canada, in partnership with Let’s Talk Science, Skills/Compétences Canada, NGen, and ChatterHigh, is supporting the Let’s Talk Careers: Canada’s Most Informed School and Students Competition, bringing an added focus to engineering.    

The Let’s Talk Careers Competition is an opportunity for youth to explore careers through fun and interactive competition, held twice annually. With nearly 17,000 participating students from over 600 schools nationally in 2023, Let’s Talk Careers enables students to learn about career options by researching and answering questions about post-secondary pathways and the labour market to earn points. During the two competition periods last spring and fall 2023, students collectively answered over 1.3 million career questions in 80 days.

“Engineers Canada is excited to be part of the Let’s Talk Careers Fall Competition,” said Kim Bouffard, Engineers Canada’s Manager of Belonging and Engagement. “Engineering is filled with people who are passionate and committed to making the world a better place. More than ever, we need creative young people like yourselves with diverse interests and backgrounds to join the engineering community as a licensed, professional engineer, and to help design our future.. We hope through this competition that students will discover all the interesting STEM careers that await them. Good luck to all the participating schools!”

According to a previous Engineers Canada report, 59 per cent of students make the decision to pursue engineering in high school, making it all the more important that youth learn about engineering careers in high school. The Let’s Talk Careers Competition also shines a light on other STEM careers, as well as careers in the skilled trades and technologies.  

The ChatterHigh platform offers a unique gamified approach to career exploration. This seek-and-find activity is proven to expand awareness, foster hope and better prepare students for life after high school. With a record $80,000 in prizes available, Let’s Talk Careers is an opportunity for students to win while becoming more informed about post-secondary options.    

Learn more about the competition and how to participate on the Let’s Talk Careers website.