At its June meeting, the CEAB agreed to make several updates to the Guide for the Virtual Evaluation of an Engineering Program, and while the general information remains the same, the update includes additional details on the following elements:

  • Developing an effective schedule and approach to on-line interviews
  • Ensuring privacy and confidentiality
  • Technological requirements
  • Document submission(s)

We would like to draw your attention to page 12 of the Guide which details a series of questions that programs are asked to answer and submit as part of the Questionnaire (“Addendum to the Questionnaire: Reporting on the program’s response(s) to COVID-19”). These questions are intended to provide visit team members with a contextual understanding of a program’s operating environment during the pandemic; they are not meant to judge how a program reacted to this unprecedented event.

Visit team members and programs who have a visit scheduled for the 2021/2022 accreditation cycle, please be sure to carefully review the June 2021 update to the Guide and discuss any questions or concerns you have with your visiting team chair. The CEAB Secretariat is also available to discuss the Guide’s contents, at your convenience.