Purpose and content of the guideline

The guideline was written primarily for engineers and engineering firms, but provides information and guidance that can also be used by individuals, employers, and other stakeholders across Canada for enhancing women’s participation in the engineering profession. Its intended outcome is that people within Canadian workplaces that employ engineers will have a deeper understanding of the challenges that impede women’s full participation and a clear sense of how to take action to address those challenges.

This guideline provides systematic approaches to addressing the challenges of workplace equity. It has been developed to complement, support, and amplify valuable initiatives that have been undertaken across the profession and in related organizations. It includes  various key steps in working towards achieving workplace equity for women.

The appendices are composed of further background information and motivations for the focus on gender equity, a glossary, change agent tools and examples including  case studies, and a curated list of resources for appropriate tools, credible engineering-relevant information sources, and guidance for further exploration. This guideline is intended to provide guidance to help individuals and employers to use the many resources and tools available for taking pragmatic action.