Earlier this month, we released a statement announcing that the CEAB has decided, with the approval of the Engineers Canada Board of Directors, to:

  • Defer the 2020/2021 accreditation visit cycle for one year, and
  • Grant a one-time, one-year accreditation cycle extensions to all programs who received a favorable accreditation decision before June 5, 2020.

You can read that announcement on our website.

The Dean of Engineering (or equivalent) at any HEI offering a CEAB-accredited engineering program has received correspondence from the Secretariat, detailing which cycle their program(s) had been scheduled for and in which cycle those programs are now slated to be visited.

Initial planning for visits to five new programs in the 2020/2021 cycle is underway and the Secretariat will be in touch with the designated officials for those visits in the coming weeks.

The CEAB continues to work closely with the provincial and territorial regulators, and reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that the highest quality of engineering education is delivered via accredited programs. HEIs with questions about how measures taken by programs to pivot their delivery methods or any other can continue to contact  Mya Warken, Manager, Accreditation and CEAB Secretary (mya.warken@engineerscanada.ca).

To read more about the CEAB’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our accreditation resources webpage.