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List of 2020 Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey improvements now available

April 2020

Following last year’s delivery of the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded survey using Tandem, Engineers Canada collected feedback from users and the Engineering Deans Canada (EDC), wit the goal of making the survey as clear as possible for end users. Additionally, we have consulted with the EDC on an ongoing basis regarding potential improvements we could make to the survey. We’ve now implemented several changes around survey content and instructions and have made the full list available.

The 2020 Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey will feature the following changes and improvements:

  • 3 tables were removed from the resource survey: Total Salaries, Operating student expenditures (by source funding), Space occupied.
  • 4 new tables and help instructions were added to the resource survey. Respondents will now enter information about External research awards, Research chairs, Percentage of total student teaching by permanent full-time equivalent (FTE) faculty, and Graduation rates.
  • Gender categories were changed from Male, Female, Other, Prefer not to specify to Male, Female, Non-binary, Prefer not to specify.
  • Count date was changed from a specific date to “Census date as reported to your respective provincial government that is closest to the data reporting deadline (i.e. count at that point in time).”
  • Additional help instructions around how to report enrolment numbers for program common stream and how to report data for target first year student enrolment.

We would like to thank all our Tandem users and the EDC for their continued work on improving the survey. This year’s survey is set to open on May 13, 2020 and remain open for 8 weeks, closing on July 06, 2020. Further information will be sent to this year’s survey contacts shortly. Next month

  • The 2018 Canadian Engineers for Tomorrow report, which looks at trends in Engineering Enrolment and Degrees Awarded from 2014 - 2018 will be posted on our Engineers Canada website.