When will changes to the data management system impact me? What is the timeline for its rollout?

Timelines for rolling out the data management system for either the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey or accreditation are being confirmed. Detailed planning is underway with ARMATURE to be able to confirm specific timelines for configuration of the system. As part of this process, the project team will be consulting with HEIs individually to confirm when and how implementation of the system should occur. As these HEI consultations occur we will be communicating with stakeholders and providing necessary information, resources, and training to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Will I be able to integrate the data management system with the system at my higher education institution (HEI)?

We have identified the requirement for an application programming interface (API) functionality that allows HEI systems to communicate with the data management system and are investigating its feasibility with ARMATURE. The implementation this functionality will depend on its cost and complexity. At this time, we do not anticipate it to be available as part of our initial implementation.

Can our institution use the data management system as a system of record?

While we do anticipate some data export and import capabilities, the data management system is intended only to be used as the system of record for accreditation and degrees and enrolment reporting. It is not intended, nor suited, to be a system of record for HEIs regarding organizational structure, programs, courses, or other related information.

While the system collects and stores a variety of information regarding HEIs and their engineering programs, treating it as a system of record for an HEI’s corporate information would introduce significant risk to an HEI’s information management abilities. This is because the evolution of accreditation requirements over time will lead to modifications to the system.

Will the data management system be integrated with the systems offered by engineering regulators to look up licensure status?

No. Integration between the data management system and the systems used by the engineering regulators to provide licensure information to the public is not feasible due to cost and complexity of integrating with 12 different systems.

Why is Engineers Canada making changes to the data management system before the work of the Accreditation Unit Task Force is done?

The adoption of a new data management system addresses several ongoing process and operational challenges that need to be resolved in the short-term:

  • double-entry of data
  • software compatibility issues
  • version control issues
  • reduced stability of aging database systems

We are also building the data management system so that it can effectively accept any future changes to accreditation, including recommendations coming from the AU Task Force.

What is the purpose and scope of the Data Management System Advisory Committee?

The Data Management System Advisory Committee advises the Accreditation Improvement Program team on specific matters related to the selection and implementation of the data management system (DMS).

The overall purpose of the committee is to ensure that the perspective of an HEI user is reflected throughout the development of the DMS by providing input on:

  • The selection of a data management system
  • The validation of data management system requirements
  • Implementation approaches for the system
  • User experience testing and feedback