The Accountability in Accreditation Evaluation Strategy is a framework through which the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) can assess and inform the effectiveness, trustworthiness, transparency, and efficiency of the accreditation process.

In the first year of data collection, we gathered input from various stakeholders, including:

  • Programs that received a decision in June 2020
  • Programs that were visited during the 2020/2021 accreditation cycle
  • Visit team members from the 2020/2021 accreditation cycle (chair, vice-chair, program visitor and general visitor)
  • Student leadership groups at programs visited during the 2020/2021 accreditation cycle
  • CEAB Secretariat staff

This new source of data, the results of which are currently being organized and analyzed, enables the CEAB to assess the achievements of the seven key outcomes of the accreditation system. In the coming months, the Accountability in Accreditation Committee will: provide a verbal update on the progress to the CEAB at their June meeting, review and discuss the findings of the first data collection cycle, and draft their first report on this data cycle which will be presented to the CEAB at its September meeting.

We thank all stakeholders who provided data for this year’s report. We are enthusiastic about the outcomes of this multi-year project to date, and its ability to support the CEAB in making evidence-informed improvements to the system on an ongoing basis. We look forward to embarking on the next measurement cycle which will kick off with a survey and will be sent to the members of the Engineers Canada Board in the coming weeks.