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Accreditation Board meets and bids farewell to two longstanding members


On June 11 and 12, 2016, Accreditation Board members met in Gatineau, QC, to make accreditation decisions for programs that received visits from October 2015 to March 2016. In total, 38 programs at nine higher education institutions received visits during this period. Of those programs, two were new programs:  Biomedical Engineering at the University of Victoria, and Software Engineering at York University.

Engineers Canada and the Accreditation Board also offered their heartfelt thanks and farewell to two longstanding members of the Board.  Richard J. Kind, FEC, P.Eng., retired from the Accreditation Board after over nine years of dedicated service. Malcolm J. Reeves, FEC, P.Eng., retired after over thirteen busy years. The engineering profession is in debt to both these outstanding volunteers for their invaluable service.

The Accreditation Board also discussed Task Group updates, including the Accreditation Training Program Task Group. Task Group lead, Luigi Benedicenti, FEC, P.Eng, has been gathering information to enable him to create a training program for accreditation teams and had high praise for the support he has received from Engineers Canada’s Accreditation Practice Lead, Lynn Villeneuve, LL.B.

““I am deeply grateful to the Accreditation Board especially Lynn who’s given me a great wealth of information,” he said. “You might not know it but I am actually building a monument of you in my basement,” he joked.

Changes to the Accreditation Board were also announced, effective July 1.  Denis Isabel, FIC, ing. and Raymond G. Gosine, FEC, P.Eng. will join the Accreditation Board. Wayne MacQuarrie, FEC, P.Eng. will become Chair, with Gérard Lachiver, FIC, ing. As Past-Chair and Graham T. Reader, FEC, P.Eng. as Vice-Chair.