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Daily Media Report recap: April 10 to 23


Engineering activities for kids at home during coronavirus lockdowns. BC’s Human Rights Tribunal dismisses a complaint from an engineer whose membership in Engineers and Geoscientists BC was revoked after he made death threats against TransLink employees. An investigation into clean water access for a First Nation in Ontario. These were the most read stories in the Daily Media Report from mid-April.

Engineering activities: Following school closures around the world due to the spread of COVID-19, the James Dyson Foundation has compiled a list of 44 engineering activities for kids to complete at home, from making a balloon-powered car to building a spaghetti bridge.

Human Rights Tribunal: BC’s Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed a complaint from an engineer whose membership was revoked by Engineers and Geoscientists BC after he made death threats against employees of TransLink. The engineer alleged that Engineers and Geoscientists BC had been motivated to revoke his membership because of his perceived allegiance to groups opposed to TransLink and he therefore brought a human rights  complaint for discrimination based on political belief.

Clean water: The Toronto Star published an article about the lack of infrastructure in remote parts of Ontario and the impacts this has on the ability to undertake construction projects that would see a supply of clean drinking water in those communities.