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Daily Media Report recap: April 11 to 25


Honouring an engineering educator. A networking event first in West Kootenays. A retired city engineer ID’d as alleged perpetrator of shootings in Penticton, BC. These were the most read stories from the Daily Media Report for mid-April.

Celebrating an engineering educator: University of Calgary President Emerita, and former dean of the Schulich School of Engineering, Elizabeth Cannon was honoured for her achievements at the Celebrating Women in Science and Innovation event in Calgary, AB, hosted by the Calgary Chapter of Weizmann Canada.

A networking event first in West Kootenays: The first networking event in West Kootenays for engineers who are women was held in Trail, BC, in early April. While these types of networking events are held frequently in the Lower Mainland, the distance for engineers who may wish to attend from West Kootenays is simply to far, so this event provided an opportunity to do the same closer to home.

Penticton, BC, shooted ID’d: A retired city engineer from Penticton, BC, was ID’d as the man who allegedly shot and killed four people on April 15.

Bonus read: While we may often hear about the need to attract and retain more women in the STEM fields where women are underrepresented, this article from the Globe and Mail considers why we hear little about attracting and retaining more men in professions where women far outnumber men.