A coroner’s inquest in Ontario. Gender bias in job postings. An Indigenous female-owned airline. These were the most-read stories from the Daily Media Report in mid-August.

Coroner’s inquest: A coroner’s inquest into the 2017 death of a Wiikwemkoong man found the death to be accidental. Included in the jury’s four recommendations was that PEO should consider providing specific installation/bracing guidelines with the engineered drawings in regards to the installation of trusses.

Gender bias: Despite recent pushes to increase the representation of women in STEM fields, progress on achieving gender parity remains slow. The authors of an article originally published in The Conversation point to the language used in job postings often discourages women from applying and thereby plays a role in the systemic gender imbalance in male-dominated industries.

Indigenous airline: Iskew Air, Canada’s first Indigenous female-founded airline will soon being operations on Vancouver Island.