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Daily Media Report recap: August 30 to September 12


News from another self-regulating profession. Self-regulation news from another country. The consequences of e-scooter abandonment. These were the most-read stories from the Daily Media Report in early September.

Pharmacist suspended: The Alberta College of Pharmacy has found an Edmonton pharmacist to be “dishonest, unethical and harmful to the integrity of the profession,” has ordered him to pay $142,000 in fines and payments, and has suspended him from practising for three years.

Registration of engineers in Australia: The parliament in the state of Victoria has passed new laws requiring engineers to be registered in order to practise. This makes Victoria the second state, after Queensland, to pass such a law.

E-scooter abandonment: With e-scooters becoming more common in Canadian cities, the National Post wrote about issues and questions that arise from their use, such as how to regulate the vehicles on public roads, and how to ensure they are returned to a designated spot rather than abandoned.