An engineer’s licence revoked after Charbonneau Commission scandal. A Kitchener man fined for use of professional engineer’s seal. Energy workers are switching to other professions as work dries up in the once booming sector. These were the most-read stories in the Daily Media Report in early January.

Charbonneau Commission: The OIQ disciplinary board has revoked former Groupe SM executive Bernard Poulin’s licence to practice and imposed a $50,000 fine for his involvement in the corruption scandals revealed by the Charbonneau Commission.

Use of seal: The Ontario Court of Justice has fined a Kitchener man $20,000 for misrepresenting his work as the work of a professional engineer.

Energy workers: Workers in Canada’s energy and mining sectors have been seeking opportunities in other sectors in the midst of uncertainty around oil prices, a resource sector bent on doing more with less by using technology to improve efficiency and productivity, COVID-19 impacts, a global price war, question marks over major energy projects, and attendant layoffs at major producers over the past two years.