An interview with Dean Ishwar Puri on his upcoming move the University of California. What investigators will be looking at with the Kelowna crane collapse. Funding for an equitable COVID-19 recovery. School ventilation. These were the most-read stories in the Daily Media Report these past couple of weeks.

California dreamin’: Ishwar Puri, Dean of Engineering with McMaster University, talks about his move to the University of California as Vice-president of Research. Puri discusses the difference in size and shape between the two roles, Silicon Beach in Los Angeles, working with governments, and strategies for success in innovation.

Kelowna crane collapse: Investigators will be drawing on past experience with crane collapses to determine what led to the collapse in Kelowna, which resulted the deaths of five people. They will be exploring the factors that might have contributed, including whether manufacturers instructions were followed when the crane was built, if the proper components were used, and the history safety inspections, is the role of investigators.

An equitable recovery from COVID-19: The federal government announced 237 projects that will receive funding under the $100 million Feminist Response and Recovery Fund call for proposals. To support an inclusive recovery from the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was created to support projects that address systemic issues that vulnerable and underrepresented women face.

School ventilation: CBC News in Hamilton published a Q&A with engineer David Elfstrom, who discussed ventilation concerns in Ontario’s schools, what we know and don’t know about ventilation in classrooms, effective measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and what parents can do.