The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. A university lecturer is dropped from two universities following publication of a paper suggesting professors should be able to date students. In British Columbia, climate change is spotlighting gaps in the science of forest hydrology and infrastructure. These were the most-read stories in the beginning of April.

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after one of its support piers was hit by a container ship, the MV Dali, which was 300 m long and massing around 100,000 tonnes. Various engineers and experts have been discussing the protective measures and why they failed, as well as examining the potential risks for similar bridges in Canada

A university lecturer is dropped from two universities. First the University of Waterloo, then the University of Guelph, dropped an engineering lecturer who published a paper that suggested “feminism is out of control” and that professors should be allowed to date students. 

In BC, climate change is impacting infrastructure. In British Columbia, a combination of climate change and forest management strategies are impacting infrastructure negatively. Without a healthy forest to store and capture the water, surface run-off and debris are increasingly washing out culverts and roads. The combination of older roads and imminent logging have locals worried about future infrastructure damage.